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Three Pœms of e.e. cummings (1983) soprano & piano

until and i heard
in the rain
may my heart

Two pœms of Theodore Roethke (1985) soprano & piano

Wish for a Young Wife
The Young Girl

Two Prayers (1986,1989) mixed choir, a cappella
for James Wood and the Madrigal Singers of St. Paul's School

Jesu Grant Me This I Pray
O Lord, who art unchangeable (Kirkegaard)

"Destiny or Discovery" (1993)
sequenced Synthesizer and trumpet, recorder and guitars
for the Christa McAuliffe Planetarium

Aviarium (1994) mixed choir and orchestra
Commissioned by the Concord Chorale

Hope is the thing with feathers (Dickinson)
The Butterfly (Friedmann)
The Windhover (Hopkins)

Daughtersongs (1995 NHSCA New Works Grant) voice & piano
or Peggo Horstmann Hodes

Born Yesterday (Larkin)
Surrender (Larsen)
Listen (Tomahanso)
For Jessica, My Daughter (Strand)
Lullaby (Hodes/Caswell)

Ubi Caritas (1995) three part chorus
for the Polyphony Choir, Abbey of Regina Laudis, Bethlehem, CT

Requerdos Imaginarios: Quartet for Flute, Oboe, Guitar & 'Cello (1996)
commissioned by the Concord Community Music School

Magnificat (1997) mixed choir, organ and maracas; opt. sm. orch.
commissioned for MJ Hackett and St. Paul's School Choir

Sarasongs (2002) women’s choir, flute, clarinet & piano
commissioned by Concord Community Music School
Poems by Sara Teasdale

Over the roofs
Life has loveliness to sell
Let it be you

Avaloketishavara's Taxi (2003) for woodwind quartet
commissioned by The Infinities Ensemble

Epitaph Dances (2003-4) piano solo
commissioned by Gregg Pauley

Epitaph Piazzolla: Tango
Epitaph Lauro: Vals
Epitaph Ginastera: Danza
Epitaph Bernstein: Mambo

Piano Sonata (2005) piano solo
for Peggy Senter

brave, bright cry (2005) voice, flute, clarinet & piano
poetry of e.e. cummings

until and i heard
in the rain
since feeling is first
may I feel
it may not always be so
may my heart

artsongs (2006) Baritone & piano

Rothko (Marc Elihu Hofstadter)
Monet (Lisel Mueller)
Pollock (Danel Hare)
Chagall (Lawrence Ferlinghetti)

Wind Words (2007) Mixed Choir and Small Orchestra
Commissioned for the Concord Chorale
poetry of Theodore Roethke

three lines (after roethke) (2008) for flute and piano
for Jean Benson & Gregg Pauley

1. The soul has many motions...
2. The spirit moves, yet stays...
3. Being, not doing, is my first joy...

a hole in a flute (2008) for mixed choir, harp and hand percussion
text from the poetry of Hafiz
for Kathleen Lyon-Pingree

NEW Old American Songs (2009) for voice, flute and piano
for The Larksong Trio

1. I'll Fly Away
2. Oh, Dear, what can the matter be?
3. I will go on my way
4. Hush little baby
5. Ezekiel saw the wheel

arr. Andante and Capriccio (Gabriel Faure) (2010) for Chamber Orchestra
for Ryan Turner

through this door lies all possibility (2011) for String Orchestra
for David Seaton & the St. Paul's School Chamber Orchestra

Christmas Prayer (2011) for mixed choir
for Mark Frazier

three little buddha songs (2012) for voice and piano
to Jeanne Ann Whittington

Procession on "Thaxted" (2012) for Brass Quintet
for the students of St. Paul's School

Canterbury Shake (2013) for violin, bassoon and piano
for the Encounters Trio

The Love That Lives (2013) for mixed choir
to Michael Spencer

Five Blackbirds (2013-14) reflections on Wallace Stevens for two clarinets
for Stephanie Ratté

arr. L'Horloge de Flore (Jean Francaix) (2014) for Woodwind Quintet and piano
for Stephanie Burke

Christmas, Here (2014)
for the Fletcher Holiday card, 2014

This Song (2015) for mixed choir

An American in BodhGaya (2015) for woodwind quartet
for The Infinities Ensemble

Lao Tzu dances in the breeze above (2016) for string quartet



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